C1 A Ocean Air 5 Lit Agar MSDS A17 B

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Detergent Air Freshener


A Strong odour making deodoriser. OCEAN AIR is formulated for washing and mopping heavily soiled floors and hard surfaces where a powerful residual perfume is desired such as toilets, tiled areas in bathrooms, polished floors, fittings, glass and walls. OCEAN AIR is ideal for use as an air-freshener in an atomiser spray-gun.

For cleaning walls, floors, fittings etc., use a concentration of 1 part OCEAN AIR in 50 - 100 parts water depending on soilage. Do not rinse washed surfaces. For treating offensive putrid odours, remove source of odour by flushing, rinsing or mopping with a solution of 1 part OCEAN AIR in 10 part water. Do not rinse. For extreme odours, neat OCEAN AIR may be applied. As an air-freshener, dilute 1 part OCEAN AIR in 30 parts water and spray high into the room with a hand spray-gun.