C1 A Citrus Extra 20 Lit AGAR MSDS A18

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Carpet Care Treatments


 * Regrowable ingredients * Phosphate-free * Highly biodegradable. A fast acting, biodegradable pre-spray detergent CITRUS EXTRA is designed for use on all types of carpet. CITRUS EXTRA is diluted and then sprayed directly onto the carpet. Its excellent cleaning power does away with the need for detergent or additives in the solution tank or truckmount feedlines. CITRUS EXTRA is an environmentally responsible cleaner which leaves carpet looking and feeling good.

Place moveable furniture on coasters. Dilute CITRUS EXTRA as follows and pre-spray surface after removing litter. Carpet: Light to medium soilage; Dilute 1 part CITRUS EXTRA in  30 parts water. Heavy soilage; 1 part CITRUS EXTRA in 20 parts water. Do not add any chemicals to the tank. Use cold or warm water to extract carpet (55°C  for stain-resistant carpets. 70° - 75°C for all others). Avoid over-wetting the carpet. Good ventilation will assist in drying. Disposal: Dispose of waste solution to sewer, NOT to storm-water drains. Waste solution maybe run onto lawns, but not near trees. Prevent contact with sealed driveways.