W1 CQ5 Quad Pro Aluminum Channel & Rubber Squeegee Replacement 450mm, 18"

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Innovative Design

Eureka's Revolution in Squeegee Design - Double the versatility, Double the cleaning.

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Quad Pro Features:

    The Quad Pro blade is made from high quality, durable rubber with four usable edges to give double the blade life
    Eureka’s unique quick release mechanism enables quick rubber changes and replaces the old style, difficult to use and slow-change metal clip system
    Specially designed swivel handle which is easily attached and can be moved along the channel by using the handle clip

      Quad Pro Aluminium Channel & Rubber:
       Prod No.
       4508  200mm(8")
       4510  250mm(10")
       4512  300mm(12")
       4514  350mm(14")
       4516  400mm(16")
       4518  450mm(18")
       4520  500mm(20")
       4522  550mm(22")
       4524  600mm(24")
       4530  750mm(30")
       4536  200mm(36")

      Quad Pro Replacement Rubbers:
       Prod No.
       5508  200mm(8")
       5510  250mm(10")
       5512  300mm(12")
       5514  350mm(14")
       5516  400mm(16")
       5518  450mm(18")
       5520  500mm(20")
       5522  550mm(22")
       5524  600mm(24")
       5530  750mm(30")
       5536  200mm(36")

      Quad Pro Plastic End Caps (pair):
       Prod No.
       4620  Plastic End Caps

      Quad Pro Metal Clips:
       Prod No.
       4630  Metal Clips