M5 SDA Duplex 420 Steam & Wet Compact Floor & Carpet Scrubber suited for Healthcare, Hospitality, Food Processing and Cleaning industries. (Grey Brushes)

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Duplex Steam Carpet Cleaner

What is a Duplex Steam Carpet Cleaner?

The Duplex Steam Carpet Cleaner is a compact and easy to use commercial carpet cleaning machine that can be used to clean all types of carpet in a variety of ways including carpet dry steaming, low moisture deep cleaning, shampooing, water extraction, dry cleaning and encapsulations carpet cleaning of carpets.

This versatility is thanks to a combination of dual cylindrical brush action, 120ºC dry steam vapour, manual water control and mechanical extraction that allows the Duplex Steam Carpet Cleaner to simultaniously scrub, steam, wash and extract in a single pass.

In addition to versatility and ease of use; the Duplex Steam Carpet Cleaner is also very efficient compared with other types of carpet cleaning equipment. Operated in long laps makes the Duplex Steam Carpet Cleaner highly efficient in large areas like corridors, it is very maneuverable in smalll areas, and it is especially fast to set up making it ideal for contractors.

Comparison of Carpet Cleaning Equipment

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    Duplex Floor Scrubber Portable Extraction Carpet Cleaner Truck Mounted Extraction cleaner
  Effective Carpet Cleaner greentick greentick greentick
  Low start up cost greentick greentick redcross
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If you currently use an extraction machine the Duplex Steam Carpet Cleaner is also ideal for use as a mechanical agitator with the added advantage of being a brilliant hard floor scrubber/dryer. However, the Duplex Steam Carpet Cleaner is becoming an ever popular choice with carpet cleaners all over Australia to replace extraction machines for a variety of reasons.

Features of the Duplex Steam Carpet Cleaner


Cleans to the edge


The unique offset brush Duplex Carpet Cleaner allows the machine to clean right to the edge where carpet meets the wall. With a two way handle this can be achieved in both directions.


The Steam Kit


The Duplex Steam Carpet Cleaner converts regular tap water into hygienic 120 degree centigrade 94% dry steam. This helps sanitise floors, break down greasy stains and leaves floors drier.

Parts of Duplex cleaner

At the press of a button, the Steam Kit (1) converts water from the clean solution tank into 94% dry steam which is dispensed the full length of both agitator brush (2) into the carpet. By pulling the water trigger water can also be dispensed the full length of the other agitator brush o help remove stubborn soiling. The twin converyors (3) simultaneously lift dirt solution from the brushes to a central recovery tank. All tanks are easily removable to make filling emptying and cleaning simple and easy.