L3 Scaffolds Aluminum 5 meter high 2.1m Length x 0.74m Width with guard rail

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1) 2.1m x 0.74m ladder frame x 4pcs, 2) 1.2m x 0.74m ladder frame x 2pcs, 3) Diagonal brace x 8pcs, 4) Horizontal brace x 6pcs, 5) Bottom brace x 1pc, 6) Platform with hatch x 2pcs, 7) Stabilizer x 4pcs, 8) 6" Caster Wheel with 500mm adjustable x 4pcs, 9) Toe bord x 1 set, 10) 0.7 x 0.74m guard rail end x 2pcs
ABN Mo: 77 682 742 966
Has Certificate of Plant Design Registration
Occupationa Health & Safety Act 2000
Occupational Health & Safety Regulation 2001
Plant Type: Perfabricated Scaffolding Alteration
Model No/Trade Name: AR-ALUM-5M
Type: Tower - Frame
Duty: Medium
Max Height (m) 4.1000
Drawing Number Design: DRAWING 1-8


House restoration, maintenance, installation, farming, gardening, painting, rendering, replaces ladders on any above-ground home or work site.




  • Narrow scaffold
  • Flexibility to purchase either 3m / 5m or 7m size
  • Easy to assemble and pull down
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Very stable working platform
  • Lightweight and durable
  • Safety enhance guard-rail with lockable gate
  • Tough non-stick plywood deck with a 150mm kickboard around the deck to prevent tools from dropping
  • Ideal for doorway access
  • Multiple working heights
  • Weather resistant and durable aluminum
  • Adjustable legs for steps and slopes


  • Light duty rates - 225kg (workers & materials) SWL, maximum capacity 450kg
  • Double safety pin and spring lock on all joined parts
  • Spring activated locking system
  • 4 screw adjustable 150mm castor wheels to prevent movement
  • Tube size 51.6mm x 2mm
  • 260mm rung spacing for safe climbing
  • Two convenient adjustable platform levels available
  • Fully welded standard aluminum alloy 6063 tube diameter 39mm x 39mm x 2.0mm wall thickness:
  • -  permits use of standard scaffold fitting
  • -  withstand light to medium usage
  • Length: 2.0m
  • Width:  740mm
  • Platform Standing Height:  3m = 2.38mm  /  5m = 4.38m  /  7m = 6.38m
  • Total Height: 3m = 3.35m  /  5m = 5.35m  /  7m = 7.35m includes guardrail
  • Designed to fit through narrow internal/external work spaces
  • Complete with instructions
  • 12 month warranty on all parts, manufactured to AS/NZS 1576.1:1995
  • Net weight 140kg
  • Comes packaged as a flatpack
  • Scaffolding certificate required when erecting scaffolds with a standing height of more than 4 metres

AR5_bottom_brace.JPGThe AHR Aluminum Narrow Scaffold was developed for customers that require an narrow scaffold in various sizes easy to transport and assemble limited height access solution. Consisting of only twelve components plus outriggers the AR Narrow offers multiple working heights and can be assembled in minutes.

The AHR Aluminum Narrow Scaffold provides a safe, temporary work platform that helps you meet the new changes in the OH&S regulations.







 quick sliding adjustable caster wheel

European style click lock


wet prove and anti slip board


brace hand lock


platform claw