Cleaning Services; General & Professional (One Off or Regular basic on Daily, Weekly or Monthly job)

Please choose from one of above method of General Cleaning.

At GBCS &M we understand that all above cleaning sector are very different to each other. We recognise the necessity to transform premises from often a soiled appearance to a clean, bold & polished presentation on a daily basis.

After hours cleaning of offices, medical centers and shopping centers & etc. can be provided to ensure a fresh start to the working day or service can be provided during business hours as well. These cleaning services in Melbourne can be provided on a daily, weekly or monthly basis depending on your requirements.
We offer a professional office cleaning service in Melbourne and to best suit your needs, we:

  • Perform an on-site inspection to identify the scope and nature of the work
  • Discuss your cleaning, security and occupational health and safety requirements to ensure a safe and secure environment for your staff and ours
  • Provide a written, no-obligation quote.

GBCS &M requires that all staff have current police checks ensuring our reliability; honesty and efficiency are second to none. This contributes to GBCS &M's reputation being highly recognised and valued by our clients.

Supervision: There is a full supervision service available which covers all cleaning needs. This can be arranged so we stay on top of any minor hiccups that can occur from time to time. The supervision is carried out by our Area Manager and by our Supervisor.

Chemicals: GBCS &M Cleaning only use environmentally friendly cleaning agents. We do not use any harsh or harmful detergents unless absolutely necessary.

Equipment: The equipment used by our staff is purchased new or reconditioned for placement into our new contracts. Checks are carried out on a regular basis to determine whether there are any problems or faults with the equipment. This ensures that there are minimal problems for our cleaners and little or no inconvenience to you

Security: All our cleaning staff has been security cleared by the Victorian Police. It is against our policy to place a cleaner on any job until we have received this clearance.

Staff: The staff at GBCS all wear an easily identifiable company uniform as well as carry Photo identification. All staff have written references which have been checked by us.

Training: Each team member of GBCS has been individually trained to adhere to the company's high standards of cleaning. Our staff are familiar with the everyday aspects of cleaning which we have put forward for them.

Health & Safety:An Occupational Health & Safety program is supplied to every staff member and a copy will be placed in every cleaners' room.

Communications: All cleaning sites are supplied with a Communication book in which they are to report any minor complaints or special requests. Their cleaner will read any comments and sign on each cleaning day. Any complaints will be rectified and special requests will be carried out where possible.

Surveys: GBCS &M provides each client with a customer satisfaction survey. This serves to help us and you bring to light any slight problems that will arise from time to time.

Specifications: Every job has a specification sheet that sets out the level and standard required by you. This can be amended as the need arises because we understand your needs may change once the job has begun.

Confidentiality: We are able to provide full confidentiality agreements should you require them.

Maintenance: GBCS &M can also offer you full Maintenance services. This allows us to carry out your cleaning and maintenance requirements simultaneously, or should you require, we can do routine checks on your Maintenance. Alternatively, we are happy to do a Specification for items to be done on a weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly basis.

Additional Services: There are many additional cleaning services in Melbourne which we offer and we would be happy to discuss any of these services with you at any time.


C1 A Breeze 20 Lit AGAR MSDS A13

Detergent Air Freshener

C1 A Breeze 5 Lit AGAR MSDS A13

Detergent Air Freshener

C1 A Ocean Air 20 Lit Agar MSDS A17 B

Detergent Air Freshener


C1 A Ocean Air 5 Lit Agar MSDS A17 B

Detergent Air Freshener


C1 A Lavender Air Freshner 20 Lit Agar MSDS A09 B

Detergent Air Freshener


C1 A Lavender Air Freshner 5 Lit Agar MSDS A09 B

Detergent Air Freshener


C1 A Citra-Mist 20Lit

Spray & Wipe Detergent

C1 A Citra-Mist 5Lit

Spray & Wipe Detergent

C1 A Wipe Away 20Lit AGAR MSDS A12 C

Spray & Wipe Detergent

C1 A Wipe Away 5Lit AGAR MSDS A12 C

Spray & Wipe Detergent