Upholstery Wet Extraction (Upholstery Steam Cleaning)

SP SUF Upholstery; Fabric Wet Extraction EXIT Cleaning:
          [] Double Deep Cleaning

1- Test Chemical for Colour-Fastness
2- Vacuum fabric with Turbo Brush Rotary Head
3- Treat Fabric with:
    Spot Wiz:       Biodegradable & Multi Water Based Stain Remover
    Tannex:         Coffee, Tea & Browning Spotter
    Cure:             Cordial & Urine Stain Remover
    G-Solve:        Grease, Oil & Gum Remover
    Rustex:         Rust Stain Remover
4- Pre-spray fabric with EXIT Carpet Detergent, is a premium liquid detergent
     which contains fast-reacting cleaning agents for single-pass hot water extraction
     carpet cleaning.
    Dilute 1      Part EXIT with        20       Parts water      for carpet spotting
    Dilute 1      Part EXIT with   20 to 30   Parts water      for Pre-Spray
5- Spray solution with the wet extraction on carpet then extract with water in the tank.   
    Dilute 1      Part EXIT with      120       Parts water      for detergent in tank   Light Soilage
    Dilute 1      Part EXIT with       80       Parts water      for detergent in tank   Medium Soilage
    Dilute 1      Part EXIT with       40       Parts water      for detergent in tank   Heavy Soilage
    Depending on condition of the carpet.

Disposal: Dispose of waste solution to sever, Not to storm-water drains. Waste solution maybe run onto lawns, but not near trees. prevent contact with sealed driveways.

EXIT:    is a fabric Detergent
It is a powerfully reactive cleaner but is PH controlled to be safe even on 100% wool carpets. EXIT is very Low-Foaming and conforms to the Australian/NZ Standard appearance and leaves the carpet with a good "hand". The perfume in EXIT dispels "wet carpet" odours and leaves a lingering fresh fragrance.
Safety Directions: Wear rubber gloves if skin contact is likely to occur.