How to Polish Scratches Out of Glass!

How to Polish Scratches Out of Glass

There is some debate over whether it is actually possible to remove scratches from glass or whether it is simply better to have the glass replaced. The answer to this question depends on several things including the glass in question (windscreens, windows, glass in spectacles) and the scratch itself.

Deep scratches that you can easily feel with your fingernail will generally require glass replacement, but the follow is a rough guide on the various techniques for polishing light scratches out of glass.

  • It is said that the best chemicals/substances for cleaning scratches out of glass are either toothpaste or Cerium Oxide (also referred to as 'Jewellers Rouge'). Choose which substance you'd prefer then use the following guide to remove light scratches.
  • Using a lint free and heavy duty polishing cloth gently apply the toothpaste or Jewellers Rouge to the surface of the glass and over the scratch. Using plenty of elbow grease and pressure, wipe the surface of the scratch with the polishing cloth in a single direction. Take care not to be too rough an damage the glass further.
  • Follow this by buffing the the glass with a clean cloth.
  • For deeper scratches you may need to use a buffing tool such as the sort used to clean scratches out of car paintwork.

Things to Avoid

The following are things you should avoid when attempting to polish scratches out of glass, no matter the type of glass.

  • Don't use paper products such as kitchen roll as these may do more harm than good.
  • Don't use abrasive cream cleaning chemicals. These sorts of chemicals might cause more scratches than they help to fix.
  • Don't use too much pressure or you might risk shattering and breaking the glass.
  • Don't let windscreen damage go un-repaired. Damage to vehicle windscreens might result in fractures and eventually the windscreen breaking under pressure of wind and down-force.

Things to Remember

The best way to prevent scratches to glass is to use the correct techniques when cleaning and polishing. Use a microfiber glass cloth to remove dirt, dust and debris from glass and polish to a high sheen. The tiny fibres in microfiber cloths prevent debris from scratching the glass while you clean and thus are the best way to prevent scratches over time.
Scratches may be impossible to avoid completely, but with proper care, you can reduce the amount and severity of the scratches and keep your glass sparkling!