W1 WF1 Fixi-Clamp Fibreglass Reinforced Nylon Pall Mall

Made of fibreglass reinforced nylon. Innovative design quickly and easily grips sponges, rags, cloths, mop heads and Handi-Brush. Use with many types of cleaning solvents and liquids. Easily attaches to all Unger Poles.

W1 WF1 Handi-Brush Fits Fixi-Clamp Stiff Bristle Pall Mall

Only Brush

Stiff bristle brush has two eye-screws. For quick and secure fit on the Fixi-Clamp.


W1 WF1 Part HI-FLO-KIT Suit Extension Pole Long 9m

Convert any Unger pole into a water pole. The 180° adjustable goose neck enables you to clean awnings, ledges, boats, windows, tops of vehicles and exterior walls. Hassle free wash and rinse capability with a turn of the dispenser dial. The all-purpose biodegradable scrub tabs last approximately 17 minutes. Regulate the water pressure with a turn of the hose adaptor. Pole kit sold separately. Length of tubing: 9m.

S4 SP1 Sponge Soot Master suitable for FIXI-CLAMP

Used dry for cleaning walls, vents, ceilings and for fire restoration. Made of natural rubber. Locks in the jaws of Fixi-Clamp which attaches to Unger extension pole for high access. If used by hand, rubber glove protection is recommended. Supplied in pack of six sponges. Keep sealed to prevent drying out.