Canopy Cleaning

SP KC Kitchen Canopy & Exhaust Fan Cleaning & Sanitizing;

---     Cleaning & Sanitizing:
             [*] Exhausts Fan, Culling & Fan Blades
             [*] Inspection Hole
             [*] Filter: Pressure Wash
             [*] Canopy Sanitizing and Cleaning
             [*] Bain Marie Cleaning & Sanitizing
             [*] Air Vent

  # Chloradet: is a concentrated high foaming cleaner with a bleaching action. It is a food grade detergent for removing fats, oily films, mould, fungi and other kitchen soilage. The hypochlorite in CHLORADET gives it an excellent anti-bacterial action.

       1) Cover or remove all food or food packaging materials.
       2) Scrape up loose soil and remove.
       3) Pre-rinse surfaces with lukewarm water.
       4) Dilute CHLORADET with warm water.
                     Light duty cleaning: ............ 6  mils per litre.
                     Medium duty: .................. 50  mils per litre.
                     Heavy duty: .................. 100  mils per litre.
                     NEVER MIX WITH OTHER CHEMICALS.
       5) Apply solution and allow time to activate and sanitise. With stubborn, baked-on soilage agitation with a scour-pad may help.
       6) Rinse product contacting surfaces with potable water after use

  # GRILL CLEAN; is a fast-acting cleaner for removing fat, grease, carbon & burnt-on food deposits. Application: Do not apply to aluminum or painted surfaces. Preheat oven to 60*C then turn off, Pour neat GRILL CLEAN onto surfaces & leave 5 minutes. Loosen carbon residues with stiff brush or scraper. Wipe up dissolved soils with damp cloth then rinse thoroughly with clean water. GRILL & HOTPLATES: Turn hotplate off after use & allow to cool for 5 minutes. Surface should be warm but not at full heat. Scrape food residues off then apply neat. GRILL CLEAN leave wet to activate for 10-15 minutes. Scrub with brush, spatula or griddle pad then wipe clean with cloth. Rinse well with potable water. Brush surface with cooking oil. DEEP FRYERS: Cool & drain cooking oil. Partly fill fryer with cold water & add GRILL CLEAN at 40ml per litre boil. Simmer unit clean. Brush any other greasy areas with the solution. Drain solution & add cold water at same time. Finally rinse with clean water.

  # SANITISER; is a concentrate, food grade cleaning and sanitising detergent for use in all kitchen areas. It is designed to remove fats, food and oils from all hard surfaces including pots, pans, utensils, benches & floor while killing ferms at the same time. SANITISER passes the TGA test for Hospital Grade Disinfectants & is phosphate-free product with Quaternary Ammonium Compound.


C1 A Grill Clean 20 Lit AGAR MSDS A07 B


C1 A Grill Clean 5 Lit AGAR MSDS A07 B


C1 A Chloradet 20 Lit AGAR MSDS A16

Toilet & Washroom Cleaner & Sanitiser

C1 A Chloradet 5 Lit AGAR MSDS A16

Toilet & Washroom Cleaner & Sanitiser