Childcare Center Cleaning

GBCS &M knows that quality and consistency in cleanliness and hygiene is critical for the wellbeing of children and the environments in which they spend time. Through our caring and understanding approach, we have developed strong and loyal relationships with numerous schools and child care centres. We are highly committed to the education and childcare sector and can work in and around school hours, staff meetings and organising school holiday cleaning to suit staff and children.

Tailored Personalised Service : At GBCS &M we understand that just as all our clients' businesses differ, so do their cleaning requirements. With this in mind, we work closely with our clients to design the best value service to suit their individual needs.

Presentation Matters: The presentation of your business has an effect on visitors and employees. GBCS &M can be relied upon to keep your workplace in pristine condition. Our hi-tech equipment and expertise in the industry allows us to offer the very best cleaning products & service to you.


B2 BSp 01 All Purpuse & Floor Cleaner Spray Bottle Agar 500mil No. 1 (Autoscrub, PH7, Freshmop, HC90, Novadet, Magic, Superforce, Eucadet)

Trigger is Not Included

B2 BSp 02 Spray & Wipe Cleaner Agar 500 Mil No 2 Spray Bottle (Citra Mist, Solspray, Jetsol, Wipe Away)

Trigger is Not Included

B2 BSp 05 Glass Cleaner Spray Bottle, Fast Glass 500 Mil No 5

Trigger is Not Included

B2 BST Spray Bottle Complete - Straight 1 Lit


B2 BST Spray Bottle Complete - Straight 500Mil


B2 BTC Trigger Canyon Blue Standard Model Tube Size 225mm

  • Robust, heavy duty trigger ideal for commercial, agricultural and industrial cleaning
  • Twist nozzle provides 1ml dose in "spray" or "jet" flow stream with every full spray
  • 185mm length tube - can be cut down to fit smaller bottles

C1 A Citra-Mist 20Lit

Spray & Wipe Detergent

C1 A Citra-Mist 5Lit

Spray & Wipe Detergent

C1 A Citrastar 5Lit MSDS A17


C1 A Flash-Dry 20 Lit AGAR

Window Cleaner Spray & Wipe