Duct Cleaning (One Off)

SP DC Duct System Cleaning & Sanitizing;

---     Cleaning:
             [*] Clean Out Let
             [*] Clean In Let
             [*] Rotary deep clean in 1.5m from each point
             [*] Floor Ducts; The floor ducts cleaned with high pressure washer and sucked into a high volume vacuum
             [*] Return Air Duct Cleaned; The return air duct (the largest duct) is firstly scrubbed with a large brush. Then clean out the duct with high pressure air and all dust is then sucked into a high volume vacuum.
            [*] Remove Heater unit  cover from the heater unit and blow out the dust from the fan and surrounding area
            [*] Duct Lines Checked & Cleaned
            [*] The Main Unit Cleaned Including Heater Interior, Fan Blades & Motor.
---     Disinfect & Sanitizing:
            [*] Sanitize & Deodorize with Eucalyptus Oil to kill Dust Mite
            [*] Sanitize & Deodorize with Natural Tea-Tree Oil Gas. Tea tree oil is sprayed into the return air while the heater is working. It then spreads into the other ducts leaving a clean fresh smell throughout your home.
---     Duct Machinery: Including hoses, dryer vent cleaning attachment, multiple sizes of brushes, duct fogger w/ solutions, video inspection camera with attachments.

# Duct cleaning: Cleaning of your heating and cooling ducts will result in a healthier indoor environment.
Air ducts are home to dangerous guests like dust mites, pollen, bacteria and many more. This un-hygienic environment has the potential to affect you and your family with symptoms such as allergies, cough, sinus congestion, sore throat and for many children in Melbourne, asthma.
Reduce the risk of these symptoms by getting your ducts cleaned and sanitised by a professional on a regular basis.

Floor Duct Prices as Below & Ceiling Ducts Charged Extra:
Minimum Charge $320.00 for 10 Out Let
Minimum Charge $280.00 for  8 Out Let
Extra Out Let Charge at $30.00
Other price are: $25 per supply vent, $40 per return vent, $40 for system fogging, and $100 for inspection.