Marble Ceramic Pad Natural Finish
It has very good finished & there is no need for resealing it.

SP HTS Marble Floor Washing with Three Step Pad System (Charged per Meters):

Repair: a Three Pads, Three Step System.

Step 1:
White: The most aggressive. Use first for six passes with a regular speed machine or auto scrubber and just water. Pick up the residue.

Step 2:
Yellow: Less aggressive. Again six passes with water as with the white pad.

Step 3:
Green: least aggressive. Again six passes with water as white and yellow pads.

Maintain: With Green Pad. Dry burnish with regular speed machine or auto scrubber. Or for real gloss use UHS. A daily burnish keeps the floor clean, shiny and beautiful.

Comparison of Gloss Levels: cyclone versus strip and seal
Strip and seal gives a roller-coaster ride: gloss levels are high immediately after resealing and for a week or so after. Then gloss levels drop further for approximately twelve weeks*. When gloss levels drop below, and scratches/scuff levels rise above, acceptable levels strip/seal is again required.

Cyclone: one the floor surface has been repaired using the 3-pad 3 step system, high gloss levels are achieved without polish. Then regular burnish maintenance causes gloss levels to climb to a peak. That peak is then maintained. No polish and no strip and seal is required. A one pad burnish process is all that is required for regular maintenance.

A step ahead with cyclone:
•              Glit Glomesh replaced expensive diamond with ceramic- dies a great job but at lower cost.
•              Not just surface coated but impregnated into the pad. Because Glit make the entire pad and add the ceramic abrasive, they can do more than surface coat. They can impregnate the pad with ceramic at time of manufacture.
•              So economical. About 20% lower priced than diamond.
•              Don’t discard the pad when the surface coating is gone. Keep on using because it’s impregnated. Results: longer life.
•              No cleaner chemical. Just use water, save the environment and save on cash.
*12 Weeks is and average period between strips and reseals. The period may vary depending on traffic, wear and required standards.


Charged Per Square Meter

Marble Floor Washing with Three Step Pad System
Minimum Charge $ 480.00 (40m)

P1 FPS 400mm Cyclone Glomesh Green, High Performance, Long Lasting


P1 FPS 400mm Cyclone Glomesh White, High Performance, Long Lasting


P1 FPS 400mm Cyclone Glomesh Yellow, High Performance, Long Lasting